The Lazy Truckers is a VTC made after having been in so many others that closed down or just asked too much of their drivers. This VTC is a laid back group that play just for fun. Both ATS and ETS2 players are welcome, any age, and from anywhere in the world. We have no forced convoys or monthly job amounts. This is a VTC where family and life come first, somewhere you can relax and not worry if you're doing too much or too little...


Benifits of joining

- Optional 2 convoys per week, one for ETS2 & one for ATS. Remember, these are 100% optional and attendance will never be required.

- Company Skins: We have a SP skin mod that is custom to our VTC as well as skins we use in MP during our convoys. These skins are completely optional and we will never force our drivers to use them. 

- Friendly Community: Our drivers are always welcoming to new members of the company and it is easy to get to know everyone. 

- Website: Drivers gain access to our online site where there is a forum system and another place to share images aside from the discord if they so choose.

- VTL Beta Access: All of our drivers gain access to the VTL beta program if they are interested in helping out the development of the logger.  


But as it seems with all VTC's we do have a must list for joining...

- You MUST Respect all members in game on site and Discord

- You MUST Follow TMP rules if you play MP

- You MUST Play for for Fun

- You MUST Only do as many or little jobs a week as life lets you

- You MUST Only join Convoys that you want to join

- Full rules can be found HERE


If you want to join just follow these easy Steps

- Go to make a account (if you don't have one already).

- Now go to our VTL page and click apply.

- Join our discord and let us know you have entered  your application.


Company Pictures

Click Here

Promotion Videos:

Advertisement / Promotional Video:

LazyT Skin Mod ETS2 Preview:

LazyT Skin Mod ATS Preview (Video of slightly older mod version):>



Updates to the TMP VTC system

Hello truckers and VTC owners!

After a busy and successful release of the new VTC system we have now finished reviewing everything and finished up the updates to the rules and the requirements to qualify for a verified status.


Full story can be found here

1 Month, 2 Weeks

Log News is back!

Yay the VTLOG News is back!

49 Years, 10 Months

VTL Finance Testing

If you want to take part in testing the finance system let me know what truck you want and in what country to start it in..

Note as this is still under testing all data collected willl most likely be reset at some point.

49 Years, 10 Months



Our website has had a little bit of  a make over check it out here

49 Years, 10 Months


LOGIT V. 2.9.0 IS NO LONGER SUPPORTED As of NOW (10/06/2018 12:00 GMT+2) LogIt V.2.9.0 is no longer supported or usable with VTLOG

This means that our API's will no longer accept requests from this version of LogIt and jobs done with this version will no longer be logged. Additionally will any configuration changes you do not be retreived by this verison. This version of LogIt will also no longer be able to connected to our livetracker server and will not be displayed live on the map or our website. I am still on 2.9.0, how do I update? You update by simply re-downloading LogIt ( and making sure you have the new dependencies installed

49 Years, 10 Months




Jobs logged

13,828,471 km

Distance driven

4,170,071 t

Cargo moved

5,468,560 L

Fuel used